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Poke Cake (bts Cake) Recipe

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This is the original BTS or Poke Cake Recipe (as I understand it). There are a whole lot of different variations accessible, however this is the conventional one for me. Chocolate cake, poked to dying, soaked in sweetened condensed milk, and topped with copious amounts of Cool Whip, Heath Toffee Bits, and caramel sundae sauce.

I’ve additionally protected a few of my favorite variations at the bottom of the submit!

This is the original recipe that began my ongoing love affair with poke cakes and their many, many recipe versions.

Poke Cake is something my Grandma makes each occasionally for own family affairs (despite the fact that generally in trifle form), and I’m constantly sure to snag a piece. But the funny aspect is, aside from the ones occasional run-ins with this cake, I in no way definitely gave it an awful lot thought. I imply, I’ve continually loved it. It’s usually been scrumptious, and adorable, and I should never get sufficient.

But it by no means as soon as crossed my mind in all of my years of poke-cake-ingesting that it may be done in another way.

October-November was sort of a turning point for me in my recipe improvement strategies. Up until then, I had actually been looking to give you the most innovative recipes I may want to concoct. But around that time, I was slowly shifting in the direction of greater conventional recipes with diffused variations and twists.

And I thought… how ought to I change this recipe?

The apparent area to begin changed into to alternate cake flavors. And because it changed into Fall time, and because pumpkin paired properly with the Heath and caramel already in the recipe, I made a Pumpkin Poke Cake. The simplest distinction among that cake and the unique become the alternate of pumpkin cake for the chocolate cake. Easy.

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And then that cake went crazy viral on Pinterest, Stumble, and Facebook. So I idea… I bet I’d higher make any other!

With Christmas simply across the corner, I decided to make a Chocolate Peppermint Poke Cake. This time I performed round with the sweetened condensed milk filling via blending it with a bit bit of peppermint creamer. It made the cake a touch greater moister than the unique, however I cherished it. In fact, I select it that manner!

That Christmas cake become additionally the primary time I experimented with adding a layer of warm fudge sauce, Oreo portions, and new toppings. Hands down certainly one of my favorite variations. LOVE IT.

As the months have surpassed, I’ve continued to experiment with new flavors for one-of-a-kind holidays (see Valentine’s Red Velvet, Easter Carrot Cake, and Summer Lemon Cake).

I had numerous a laugh creating a rainbow-coloured cake for St. Patrick’s day. And I’ve even made a skinny model!

There are sooooo many methods you can play with this little ol’ recipe. It’s genuinely this type of a laugh one to trade up!

And, it appears, the extra Poke Cakes I make, the greater questions I get about them. I’ve been stunned at how many humans realize so little approximately this cake! So inside the spirit of sharing and hoping to make every body as addicted to this recipe as I am, I concept I’d solution the various questions I often get asked.Poke Cake FAQ

A poke cake is a ordinary cake (baked from a mixture or from scratch) with holes poked within the top (either with a fork or the bottom of a timber spoon). Sweetened condensed milk, pudding, or jello is then poured over the holes, which permits the liquid to seep into the cake and make it moist and flavorful.

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After the cake has chilled for a few hours and the liquid has been absorbed into the cake, it is crowned with Cool Whip and different elective toppings (like Heath Bits).

A BTS cake is essentially the same factor as a poke cake, except BTS cake refers handiest to the version with chocolate, Heath Bits and Caramel. BTS stands for “better than intercourse.” You’ll must be the decide of that!

How many holes ought to I poke in a poke cake?

For heaven’s sake poke as many as you would like! For those who want an real range – 24 huge holes appear to do the trick. Use the base of a wooden spoon, not a fork.

Do I add the cool whip before or after chilling a poke cake?

You can upload the cool whip at any time after the cake is completely cooled and the sweetened condensed milk has been poured. However, it’s miles a little simpler after the cake has had time to take in the condensed milk.

If you’re in a hurry, move beforehand and unfold it on proper away. In the quit, it is going to be just fine.

What if my poke cake is just too candy or too wet?

The sweetened condensed milk may be a little overwhelming depending at the cake you use. A cake from scratch can be a bit denser and may keep the sweetened condensed milk from “taking over” the cake (in preference to the usage of a cake blend, so one can yield a fluffier cake).

If you do not like “an excessive amount of” sweetened condensed milk, sincerely do not upload the entire can!

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About 3/four of the can will in all likelihood suffice. Or recollect using prepared pudding rather, that’s yummy too! And it’ll save you a few calories and fats!BTS Cake or Poke CakeInstructions

  • Once the cake has absolutely cooled, poke 24-30 holes in it the usage of the base of a wooden spoon.
  • Pour the sweetened condensed milk over the cake, aiming to fill the holes.
  • Cover and sit back for a few hours until the cake has absorbed the sweetened condensed milk (you can tell it’s absorbed when there are not pools of sweetened condensed milk sitting on pinnacle of or across the facets of the cake anymore).
  • Spread the cool whip over the cake. Top with the Heath bits and drizzle the caramel syrup over pinnacle.
  • Keep chilled until ready to serve.
  • Serves 12-15


When I made this cake for photographing, I became out of Heath Milk Chocolate Candy Bits, so I used Heath Bit O’ Brickle Bits and drizzled some chocolate syrup. This works simply satisfactory, but if you can locate the Milk Chocolate Heath bits– use those!More Poke Cake Recipes

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